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The Benefit of Female Supremacy

This comes from a previous blog but I feel like it deserves it’s OWN entry. ;)

The benefit (of Female Supremacy) is bettering the life of a superior woman in any way you can. That should be the goal of anyone who believes in female supremacy. You start by selecting a superior female (or waiting for her to decide to own you). Then you spend the rest of your life dedicating your time and energy to her.

Honestly, not many men can handle such a religion. Their idiotic male ego gets in the way every single time. Luckily some submissives are able to be trained & broken down to lose their male ego. You must rebuild it into something useful and this requires lots of humiliation training. Denial. Chastity, even. All fun and worth it in the end.

Female Supremacy as a Religion

I go back and forth with my thoughts and beliefs on Female Supremacy. On one hand I hate to judge a whole sex based on most of the ones I have encountered (most but not all)… on the other hand…I think Female Supremacy as a Religion SOUNDS like a beautiful thing. But then I remember I am an Atheist and I really feel like religion is just such a damn joke. Female WORSHIP is beautiful. GODDESS WORSHIP seems even better. I personally worship nothing but nature (Pagan-Atheist)… but all my favorite past slaves and I practiced GODDESS WORSHIP.. that is, him worshiping me as his Goddess. This feels.. RIGHT.